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    9 Tips To Fix The Skin Around Your Nails

    Regular nail polish is one of the major cause of weak, brittle nail, dry and flaky skin around your nails. In fact, making your nails beauty is similar to skin and hair, nails also need to be carefully cared for from the inside out. This is not difficult because there is a secret of “beautiful nails” right here.

    1. Wash your hands first, fix the skin around your nails after

    Before doing anything, the most important thing is to keep your nails and surrounding skin clean. Then clean the stains with acetone. Ava Shamban, author of Heal Your Skin, recommends using soap to gently scrub your nails and skin with a toothbrush. This helps remove dirt and dead skin cells without the use of expensive chemicals or scrubs.


    To make the skin around your nails soften, scientists recommend using warm water to soak your hands instead of cold water. Use a soft cotton towel to gently remove the water on the skin of your hands. You should not rub too hard because the hairs on the towel will damage the epidermis on your skin.

    However, it is not only the body and face that need to be exfoliated, the hands also need your attention. Exfoliating regularly 2-3 times a week like body skin is also a way to keep the skin of your hands soft every day.

    2. Priority your health better than beautiful nails

    Although everyone knows that the long nails are very pretty, you can create a lot of types of nails like color block nails,… you should consider the right length if you has to “fight” to maintain long nails or cover scratches. A shorter, more neatly trimmed set of nails makes it easier for your to manage and so you can lift a heavy object without worrying about it scratching or breaking.

    Remember to cut the skin around your nails
    Remember to cut the skin around your nails

    Use nail clippers like manicure nippers or manicure scissors,… to easily handle the skin around your nails. Remember to avoid clipping your nails too closely as this leads to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

    3. Always have a manicure kit in your backpack

    If you work in an environment or have a habit of exercising that easily makes your nails scratched, it is recommended that you have a set of manicure. This is very helpful, especially in cases where a broken nail is causing you pain and discomfort.

    4. Keep your manicure kit carefully

    Girls with healthy and beautiful nails always know how to take care of their nail tools. You should disinfect the tools with soap and water and then wipe them with alcohol before and after each use to avoid infection and regularly change the tools.

    There’s no reason for you to keep using the same old set of tools when a brand new set of tools is both safe and easy for her to manage her beautiful nails.

    Source: @LinaNoirè

    5. Apply moisturizer

    Why should your nails be any different? You promise yourself that you would not sleep without moisturizing your face, so why should your nails be any different? Before bed, manicurist Holly Falcone likes to hydrate cuticles and nails with a mixture of almonds and olive oil (or other rich moisturizers). If none of the above components are available, lip balm can be substituted.

    A specific hand cream is required to contribute to the softening and smoothening of your hand skin. For optimal results, avoid using with body lotion and instead use a hand cream.


    And here are three steps to properly applying moisturizer:

    Step 1: On the back of one hand, dab a pea-sized dab of lotion.

    Step 2: To properly distribute the lotion, press the backs of your hands together.

    Step 3: Apply the lotion on your left hand, paying careful attention to your knuckles and any places that are very dry. Rep on the right hand.

    There are many different sorts of hand creams on the market right now, but you can entirely make them at home to save money, and make the skin around your nails better by natural material.

    6. Never forget the base coat

    The base layer, according to Dr. Prystowsky, not only prevents the nail from staining, but also makes the color look more harmonious and transparent. When she wishes to paint many layers, Dr. Shamban discloses a simple secret for her: she applies a layer of transparent paint between the two layers of paint to improve the brightness.


    However, choosing a quality base coat is very important if you are truly want to take care of the skin around your nails.  Read the ingredients list and review online forums carefully to find the right moisturizer for you.

    7. Take a closer look the labels for nail polish

    In addition to basic care the skin around your nails, learn more carefully the labels of nail polish to prevent chemicals from getting into you.

    Crochet paint supplies, like makeup and skin care products, come in a range of applications and ingredients, so be sure to know what you want to buy and use. If the paint you’re using contains toxic chemical elements like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, or toluene (all of which degrade the product’s quality), you should think about “getting away” as far as feasible.

    Source: Freepik

    8. Do not ignore the last coat (top coat)

    Don’t skip this step because you think the top coat is too time consuming; it helps to fix the color and add the gloss required for a flawless manicure. To avoid scratches, Dr. Prystowsky recommends using a top coat every three days.

    This will help you keep your nails looking great for longer. You wouldn’t want to see the delicate work that you spent all day adorning but that just lasts a day, would you?

    Besides, with this step, in addition to the above uses, it also helps the skin around your nails area become more shiny and full of life.

    9. Limitations on gel or acrylic nail product

    Any nail specialist would tell her to avoid Gel nail paints and Acrylic nails, which can hold their color for longer and shine longer than conventional color polishes. The issue is that the skin and nails are directly exposed to UV light in the dryer during a gel manicure, which can harm the sub-epidermal layer, increasing the risk of skin cancer.


    Dr. Prystowky advises using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher before getting a manicure to avoid the effects of dangerous rays. Alternatively, you can use specialist gloves that just expose the tip of the nail while protecting the rest of the hand from UVB rays.

    Do not take care of the skin around your nails lightly, because they are also a form of expression of your personality.

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