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    17 beauty secrets to get perfect lashes every time

    Are you obsessed with long and thick eyelashes? Of course, you have, but getting them isn’t always easy. These tricks will help you get the perfect long lashes you love.

    Dual mission

    Did you know your mascara can double as gel eyeliner? Yes, and it’s unbelievably simple! Swipe the eyeliner brush over your mascara wand and line your upper lashes for a long-lasting gel.

    Easy removal

    One of the worst parts of false eyelashes is finding a way to remove them without shedding your natural lashes. Well, we helped you. Dip a cotton pad in makeup remover and place it over your eyes for a few seconds to loosen the glue. Then gently and slowly pull the false lashes out.

    Blend it

    Next time you open the tube of mascara, you should bend your mascara wand so that it is perpendicular to the rest of the wand. A curved wand will give you greater control. It will also help you reach problem areas.

    The wrong app is stable

    If you are applying false eyelashes, place a hand mirror on the table. Then prop your elbows up and lean over the mirror. This will keep your hand steady to create the perfect application.

    Delete it

    Most new mascara bottles will clump. You don’t want to apply that thick layer of hair directly to your eyelashes. Instead, wipe your wand on a paper towel before applying.

    Spoon Trick

    When you apply mascara, hold a spoon under your lashes. All of the mascara that accidentally gets in the wrong spots will simply go on the spoon. It will also protect the rest of your eye makeup.

    A quick glance

    After each mascara application, use an eyelash comb or even a toothbrush to comb and separate the ends of the lashes. This will give you long, full and bouncy lashes.

    Brush up

    After applying mascara, brush your lashes with a new toothbrush. This will help remove the lumps. Just make sure to use a new toothbrush to avoid infection.

    Wiggle Wand

    When applying mascara, don’t just apply the curls first. Instead, shake your wand horizontally so that you weigh down the ends of your hair. This will make your lashes straighten and look fuller.

    Curl as you apply

    Curl lashes while applying mascara. It will make them curvier and longer. This will also ensure your lashes are of optimal length.

    Heat Your Eyelash Curler

    Before using the lash curler, heat it up with a dryer. Heating lashes will ensure longer curls when using an eyelash curler. It’s like using a heat styling tool on your lashes.

    Let it soak

    Before applying, soak your mascara in a cup of hot water. This will make your mascara more fluid. It’s also a great way to prevent clumping.

    Baby powder trick

    Dust powder on lashes before applying mascara. This will plump your lashes. They will thicken after you apply mascara.

    Rotate curler

    While curling, rotate the eyelash curler. This will help you get the longest lashes possible. Remember to curl your lashes before applying mascara.

    Coat both sides

    Remember to cover both the top and bottom sides of the lashes. Many women wear only one shirt. Coating on both sides will add thickness to your lashes.

    Mix & Match

    Mix and match between regular and waterproof mascara. First, brush on your regular mascara, and then use your waterproof mascara. This will help your mascara last longer without making it difficult to remove makeup at night.

    Go vertical

    After applying mascara horizontally, apply it vertically. Apply mascara vertically to make your lashes look fuller. Just be cautious against clumping.

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