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    5 ways to moisturize in the summer

    We all want to avoid dry skin. Not only does dry skin often feel itchy and look unattractive, not moisturizing properly can cause our skin to age prematurely! However, after the cold and dry winter months are over and summer weather arrives, we can easily become lax about our skin care routine. The extra moisture can make us averse to heavy creams, but we still need it! In fact, many people suffer from dryness and irritation in the summer that get worse, but don’t know how to deal with it. Read on for our tips to stay supple and radiant this summer.

    Look for fragrance-free products

    Another thing to consider when you’re looking for skin care products are the chemicals used to make them smell good. Often, these additives can be harsh on our skin, leaving you feeling dry and irritated. Fragrance-free products tend to be more natural and gentle on our skin. Please note: “Odorless” and “fragrance free” are not the same thing! Products labeled “fragrance-free” often have added chemicals used to mask the odors of other chemicals in the product, while “fragrance-free” products are manufactured without at all. those chemicals. The more you know, the better moisturized you will be!

    Year-round skin care is essential to maintaining healthy and youthful skin. Following one or all of these moisturizing tips will help keep your skin looking its healthiest.

    Wear (the right) sunscreen

    Sunscreen is another very important aspect of skin health, and one that lasts through the summer months. To avoid the harmful effects of UV rays, it is recommended to apply a little sunscreen every day. With the seasonal increase in outdoor activities, finding the right sunscreen becomes even more important to keep your skin moisturized. Many spray sunscreens that you find at convenience stores have added alcohol, which can inadvertently be irritating to your skin. The alcohol helps the product dry quickly, but it also dries out your skin more than you’d like. Look for alcohol-free sunscreens or moisturizing sunscreens to protect your skin in multiple ways. Also, be sure to use cute summer hats and umbrellas to give you a little something to keep out of the sun.

    Stay hydrated

    If you are a long time reader of this blog, you have probably seen this advice many times. And for good reason! Staying hydrated is perhaps the most important piece of advice when it comes to skin health. This is especially important during the summer months, when the extra heat causes the body to sweat more than usual. When sweat evaporates, we feel cooler, but it can leave our skin feeling thirsty and dry. Do yourself a favor, and buy a cute new water bottle for the summer. This will keep your skin moisturized and keep you healthy and safe this summer. You can also keep moisturizing supplements with you during those extra hot days.

    Limit your time in the shower

    Hot showers have numerous health benefits, including helping to relieve stress as well as joint and muscle pain. Plus, they just feel incredible. Unfortunately, however, long hot showers can actually add to how dry our skin is. Prolonged time under the faucet can begin to strip away the natural oils in our skin that help protect us, contributing to irritation and redness. To avoid this, reduce shower time to 5 or 10 minutes during the summer, or increase your post-shower moisturizing routine to compensate.

    Invest in the right products

    Like I mentioned earlier, luxurious lotions that feel great in the summer months can feel really heavy during the sweaty summer months. No one wants to feel sticky or sweaty with lotion! During the summer months, consider switching to a powder made for dry skin instead. These powders feel lighter on your skin, but are moisturizing and look great. Bonus: They can also provide sun protection!

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