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    9 tips to get smooth, clear skin

    There are so many things that can affect your skin: wrinkles, acne, redness, washout, and more. Some people will spend hundreds of dollars to get perfect skin, but there are many simple and low-cost remedies for skin problems. You will look radiant in no time!

    Clean your iPhone

    You probably use your smartphone more than anything else in your daily life, but chances are you never wash it. A Stanford University study found that the average iPhone is contaminated with more germs than the toilet in the subway bathroom. And this is what you press on your cheeks every day! To prevent irritation and breakouts, wipe your phone’s screen with Clorox Disinfectant Wipes regularly.

    Clean your brushes

    Most women don’t take the time to clean their makeup brushes or sponges. Dirt and bacteria that accumulate over time can cause breakouts on your face. To avoid this, wash the loose powder brush every week, and every other week for the foundation brush. To wash, mix a few drops of cleanser or shampoo in a cup of warm water and dip your brush in it.

    Sunscreen is a must

    We know you’ve heard it time and time again, but diligently applying sunscreen is the simplest way to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free. Increasing sun exposure is the #1 cause of wrinkles, and it’s much easier to prevent this damage than to try to fix it afterwards. And don’t stop at winter, — UV rays are not afraid of cold!

    Towards the serums

    Skin serums are much more concentrated than creams or lotions, so you only need a little bit daily to see major results. Look for serums with antioxidants and pentapeptides, which will ward off the damages of stress and increase natural collagen, respectively. Apply the serum to your freshly-washed skin and follow it with sunscreen or moisturizer to lock in hydration.

    Get your routine down

    The order in which you use your skin care products is just as important as the products themselves. Thinner products with the most active ingredients should be preferred. You want products with the highest active ingredients to ensure they come into direct contact with your skin as they have the strongest effects and applying heavier creams first can block serums and creams. water soluble skin care. Finish the process with moisturizer if you need it, and of course sunscreen.

    Miss your neck and chest

    So we usually stop our skincare routine after we’re done, but the neck and chest are actually more vulnerable areas because the skin is thinner and the blood supply is poor. Use the same routine as you do on your face, neck and chest, although keep it light for heavy things, this can happen? some initial irritation.

    Tweeze carefully

    Waxing and plucking can cause scarring or spots on your skin. To avoid this, prepare your skin with an antibacterial cleanser before removing makeup. After this process, implement an aftercare plan that includes anti-inflammatory ingredients that will quickly heal and soothe the skin.

    Avoid hot water

    Sadly, while a hot shower feels great, it’s a disaster for your skin. The heat drains the body of essential oils and makes the skin rosy. This reaction is only temporary, but it will take longer to recover as you get older. After turning 40, your skin loses its ability to restore its rosy glow.

    Get your beauty sleep

    Yes, it’s called a good night’s sleep for a reason. Skipping sleep reduces your circulation, and you’ll look pale and tired if you don’t get enough rest. Night is also the optimal time for skin rejuvenation treatments, as that is when the body’s cellular renewal system is at full swing.

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