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    A multi-million-dollar agreement reached between Golden World Global Group and World Wide Film Factory

    May 6th , 2021, in Detroit, Michigan, a mutual agreement between Golden World Global Group (GWGG) and World Wide Film Factory (WWFF) was reached for a cooperation on box office cooperation. A comedic movie of two-length will be produced and screened in many movie theaters. The movie features the everyday stories in a nail salon on American soil. This signs the first cooperation between Vietnamese and African American community in an effort of making a comedy to promote the industry of nail care and the two cultures.

    From Right to Left: 1- Mr Thom Coyle – administrator (WWFF); 2- CEO Lâm Hoàng My; 3- Mr James Torrence Vice President(WWFF); 4- Annie Kim Nguyễn (Miss Entrepreneur 2019) Golden Sea; 5-Quarter Đinh (The Singing Manicurist) President (WWFF)
    Disney Actor Isaac Ryan Brown

    The movie stars Quarter Dinh the leading role who will co-star with many Hollywood icons, like Disney Actor Isaac Ryan Brown and Actress Jewel Tankard, the host of Tankard’s Television Show. This agreement starts a combined effort to infiltrate the Hollywood market with the cooperation of CEO Lam Hoang My from GWGG, promising many future projects to be released. These days, there have been many discriminations based on skin colour occurring in American. This movie is an effort to reconcile the discriminations and blur the ideas of racism by promoting the love between Asian and African American.

    CEO Lam Hoang My and Mr James Torrence

    Golden World is a company incorporated under Golden World Global Group that is widely known for its hosting of two programmes, namely Golden World Beauty Pageant and Golden Sea. The beauty contests are hosted annually on large scale which gather participants from various regions of America like New York, California, or Michigan. Also, Golden  World Global Group has recently invested in residency projects for immigrants and a supplying agreement for medical equipment. This cooperation spells the first attempt in artistic industry of CEO Lam Hoang My.

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