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    Calories are included in extra virgin olive oil

    Are you currently on the diet or simply need to take to take care of health? If you answered ‘yes’ we can tell the world that extra virgin olive oil is among the most essential ingredients in the healthy and balanced diet.

    But, there are many people who are concerned about their weight, and would like to know the amount of calories are contained within extra virgin olive oil, and the best amount to consume on a regular basis for optimal health.

    What is the calories content of the correct portion of vegetable oil?

    The reality lies in there is a quantity of calories in olive oil differs dependent on the type of olive used in the oil was produced and the time it was taken. In general terms, the quantity of 884kcal can be considered a the standard for 100ml of oil.

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    How much is the daily recommended quantity in extra virgin olive oil?

    Experts in nutrition recommend with 2 to 3 tablespoons daily each day of extra virgin olive oil roughly 30gr/45gr as each tablespoon is approximately 15grs of oil.

    In this article, this article, the Mediterranean diet is compared against the consumption of prescription drugs to treat unhealthy cholesterol and weight reduction. Jan-Olaf Grübers, MD of the Institute of Environmental Medicine in Lucerne (Switzerland) informs us that “Given the potential side effects and the cost of statins, it is sensible to think of different ways that atherosclerosis may be controlled, including the diet. The quality of your diet is a key factor in this regard, even though the Mediterranean diet, for example, olive oil, could be better than a low fat diet “.

    Therefore, if we consume this quantity, the caloric consumption of olive oil in our diet that is healthy is 240Kcal or 360Kcal per day. This consumption should be combined by other healthy fats like those from oily fish, up to the recommended calories produced by fat consumption, which ranges between 400Kcal to 700 Kcal daily.

    Keep in mind that when we consume extra virgin olive oil we take unsaturated fats that assist in eliminating LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol. They also supply us with vitamin E and K.One the other hand there is the possibility of reaching our full calories from fats by eating saturated and trans fats that increase your LDL cholesterol levels and affecting our health over the long-term.

    100g of extra virgin olive oil that we consume contains 14gr of saturated fatty acids. 10gr of polyunsaturated fats , and 70g monounsaturated (oleic acid, also referred to also as Omega 9) and polyunsaturated (linoleic acid, also known as omega 6) fats, and it contains zero grams of LDL cholesterol or sugar.

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    Does olive oil cause you gain weight?

    Certain foods may cause people gain weight’, or help you lose weight’ , according to the quantity of food consumed as well as the calories content they offer. When it comes to oil, if we look at the caloric value of different oils, we can see that there isn’t any significant difference between them with maybe 10Kcal per three tablespoons.

    Then, why should you be eating extra virgin olive oil instead of a different oil? Due to its characteristics and its healthful vitamins and fatty acids, as we have mentioned earlier.

    If you’re still concerned, let us let you know that a study that was based on The Predimed study, which was conducted by Dr. Ramon Estruch (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Barcelona’s University of Barcelona) and published in The Lancet, concluded that the adoption of the Mediterranean diet high in vegetable fats, like extra virgin olive oil and nuts, is not associated with an increase in weight when in comparison to a low-fat diet.

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