Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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    CEO Lam Hoang My assumes the role of CO-Founder of the Punta Mita Hills project

    Taking on the position of CO-Founder of the Punta Mita Hills project, Lam Hoang My believes that this project will provide many opportunities for herself and her corporation while also adding value to the community.

    Lam Hoang My is known as the CEO of Golden World Group, which operates in a variety of industries. She is also the factor behind the success of several international beauty playgrounds, establishing a link between the business community and businesses all over the world.

    In the midst of economic and social recession caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, CEO Lam Hoang My has shown boldness when it comes to business reforms, going against the tide with several potential projects, especially the development of Mexico’s most exclusive resort, Punta Mita Hills.

    Punta Mita Hills, located in the city of Punta Mita, in the state of JALISCO-MEXICO, is considered the second largest real estate project in Mexico. This city draws a large number of tourists that come to visit and travel through it. The fact that 175,000 people visit this local Puerto Vallata Bay each week is a potential indicator for the tourism industry.

    CEO Lam Hoang My, who has many years of experience in running real estate firms in the United States, has the capacity and vision to evaluate the potential of projects before deciding to invest.

    CEO Lam Hoang My found the Punta Mita Hills project three years ago, when it was only a vast grassland with a few people raising cows. But, with her acumen, she foresaw a thriving future here and decided to invest from the start.

    To launch the project, CEO Lam Hoang My leveraged her relationships with customers, Golden World Group partners, Mexican investors, and the Mexican government’s support to identify and work hard for this project.

    From a wild land, this project will become an ideal tourist destination, providing people with first-rate experiences.

    During the implementation process, CEO Lam Hoang My and investors anticipated that the project would take a long time to complete due to the wild land and obstacles caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, but the good cooperation between Golden World Group and Punta Mita Hills Corporation quickly completed the necessary licensing procedures and launched the project.

    CEO Lam Hoang My and investors have put their confidence in the project because of its geographical potential, tourist capacity, and especially because this project is highly valued by the Mexican government, attracting the attention of many Canadian and American millionaires. The project is also close to billionaire Bill Gates’ Four Season Punta Mita…

    Punta Mita Hills will provide tourists with memorable experiences by combining the beauty of landscape, surroundings, and high-class services.

    Punta Mita Hills is more than an economic project; it is the heart of people who are serious about investing in the real estate sector and desire to develop tourism services, contributing to improve the quality of life.

    Punta Mita Hills is a billion-dollar project facilitated by the Mexican government to bring together 1,000 workers to invest and create jobs.

    What is even more remarkable and meaningful for CEO Lam Hoang My and members of Golden World is that they are the first Asian and Vietnamese individuals to lay the foundation for this potential project.

    CEO Lam Hoang My believes that astute investors will seize the chance to learn and collaborate with Punta Mita Hills. She is confident in the prospective future of all participants of this project.

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