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    Entrepreneur Quarter Dinh has been appointed Vice-President of Punta Mita Hills Corporation

    Taking on the position of Vice-President of Punta Mita Hills, businessman Quarter Dinh believes that the Punta Mita Hills project will leave an imprint on the way to pursue the real estate sector.

    From left to right: Project owner Humberto Familia, Julio Ochao, James Le Quynh, Lam Hoang My, Quarter Dinh, and Annie.

    In a recent event, entrepreneur Quarter Dinh suddenly revealed the largest real estate project ever, a collaboration between two huge corporations in which he both plays an important role. Quarter Dinh is the Vice President of the Punta Mita Hills Corporation as well as the President of the Golden World Corporation.

    Entrepreneur Quarter Dinh

    The collaboration between the two large real estate corporations aims to build Punta Mita Hills, Mexico’s most luxurious resort. This project was planned 3 years ago and will officially start construction in September 2021.

    Punta Mita Hills is located on a hill with beautiful landscape, surrounded by turquoise sea on all sides. More than 82 percent of the residents who live here are Americans and Canadians. This hotspot welcomes more than 700,000 local and foreign tourists each month.

    The Punta Mita Hills project will provide tourists with unique experiences by combining the beauty of space and surroundings with high-class services.

    Punta Mita Hills is more than an economic project; it is the passion of people who are serious about investing in the real estate sector and aspire to expand tourism services, therefore increasing the quality of life.

    As a billion-dollar project, Punta Mita Hills is facilitated by the Mexican government to bring 1000 workers to cooperate in investment and create jobs.

    Panoramic view of Punta Mita Hills project

    As one of three Vietnamese who will play key roles and shareholders in the project, entrepreneur Quarter Dinh will be in charge of introducing, engaging, and connecting human resources and investors who wish to exploit the potential of Punta Mita Hills.

    CFO of Golden World – Annie Kim Nguyen, Entrepreneur Quarter Dinh and CEO Lam Hoang My

    Entrepreneur Quarter Dinh shares the pleasure and pride of being accompanied and participating with all members of the group to create outstanding values in the sector they seek.

    Entrepreneur Quarter Dinh describes himself as a guy who is quite charming and fortunate to meet perfect companions, and he is certain that his efforts will bring success to this enthusiastic project.

    He also expects that Punta Mita Hills would become a symbol of pride for the Vietnamese community living overseas – A destination where the Vietnamese community can easily meet and share high-class values.

    Entrepreneur Quarter Dinh, as President of Golden World, also stated that in the next two years, he and CEO Lam Hoang My will promote connection activities and expand services to assert that the capacity of Golden World Group is on an international scale in the future, becoming a strong economic group as well as a foundation for cultural and social activities.

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