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    Fast, easy & fun ways to eat healthy

    We’ve all been there – trying to accomplish some health, weight, or strength goal and finding that what we’re allowed to eat is pretty mundane and limited. Common dishes are chicken, salad, skin and snacks like yogurt, trail mix, dried fruit or granola bars. Of course, while that list is not exhaustive, it can be a bellwether for specific diets and food-related thought processes when trying to eat healthy. And when it comes to drinks, you may feel like you can only have water, black coffee, diet or sugar-free sodas (with side effects), protein shakes, or organic fruit/vegetable juices.

    If in the past you ate whatever you wanted, changing your diet or nutrition like this can be challenging, to say the least, today, we’re going to talk about different ways. to make interesting ways to get those essential nutrients.


    If you’re not a big fruit eater or vegan because of their texture, toss them in a blender or food processor and you can have yourself a smooth, creamy, hearty soup with Full range of healthy foods. Not only that, soup is comfort food; they warm you inside and out, they fill you up, and there are TONS of soup recipes out there for you to enjoy. Boxed options too! First, check the label to make sure it’s not filled with potatoes or cheese or other empty filler ingredients. And, if you’re making your own soup, make informed decisions to use nutritionally beneficial ingredients and go easy on ingredients like milk, heavy cream, cheese, and fortified foods. such as crackers or bread.


    Growing up, oatmeal probably just meant instant oats with very little added to enhance the dish. Today, oatmeal can refer to basic dishes that meet a variety of nutritional needs depending on the recipe. At a minimum, oats are gluten-free whole grains, making them an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Not only that, oatmeal is very filling, which means you’ll eat less during the day because you don’t feel the need to snack later.

    Oats are merely a means to categorize other nutritious foods. Some supplements you may want to consider include:

    • Fruit – jam contains many antioxidants, vitamins like vitamin c, potassium…
    • Peanut or other nut butter – rich in healthy fats!
    • Dark chocolate – rich in minerals with moderate amounts of added sugar.
    • Various spices – like cinnamon, an anti-inflammatory spice with many other healthy properties.

    You can afford to make each batch of oatmeal unique, addressing your key food groups and nutritional needs in one simple dish. Plus, if you use whole ingredients like some of the varieties mentioned, you’ll avoid bowls filled with sugar instead of the sweetness that comes from natural sources like fruits and spices.


    Smoothies have a bit of a bad rap there, with multiple serving joints combined with tons of added sugar, making them seem nutritious the more sorbet you eat. However, there are places and recipes that make smoothies the right way, with all ingredients, no added sugars and nutritional boosters, so you’ll get a complete meal of benefits in the palm of your hand.

    Smoothies are an easy go-to for superfoods, from hearty Greek yogurt (rich in calcium, vitamin D, and protein), leafy greens (low in calories, high in nutrients) to berries and fruit. hello, vitamin C!) to nuts and seeds (rich in healthy fats!).

    Homemade trail mix

    Store-bought trail mixes follow the same pattern as ‘popular’ smoothies, nutritionally devoid of nutrients but considered healthy by the general population. The key here is to make your own mix and source the ingredients! Many local food markets and natural grocers have areas where you can fill your recyclable bags with the ingredients you want, from dried fruit, nuts and seeds, granola, cheese cool, even chocolate and sweets. If you make your own, you’ll more than likely have a healthier, less candy-like mix than the ones you’ll find on the shelves at your local supermarket.

    We’ve covered the nutritional benefits of these ingredients above, so as a tip here, choose more of a mix instead of a favorite. If you’re more full, you won’t be inclined to inadvertently snack more than necessary. These ingredients may not have the lowest calorie content, but sometimes, the nutritional properties outweigh that arbitrary number in the overall health and wellness plan.

    Soups, snacks, smoothies, all of these are ways you can add healthier ingredients and higher quality nutrition to your daily diet without sacrificing taste or pleasure. fun. It’s no cliché, but you only have one life, so to live it to the fullest, you should enjoy what you eat. That doesn’t mean always turning to your favorite snack or dessert; it can mean enjoying foods and drinks that are healthy, nutritious, taste great and give you exactly what your body needs to keep functioning.

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