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    Hoang Ngoc Hai: A young singer with ambitions on the artistic path

    “Passion for music is a part of my life; it is like a flow that generates excitement, freshness, and inspiration for me to always strive” – young singer Hoang Ngoc Hai spoke about music with enthusiasm and dedication.

    Hoang Ngoc Hai, who was born on September 5th, 1997 in Bac Kan, has had a passion and aptitude for music since childhood. Standing on stage and flowing free with melodies and words is the moment for this young man to live to the fullest.

    Possessing a lovely voice with a bright appearance, Hoang Ngoc Hai was warmly accepted by the audience via works such as Sap 30, Anh the day….

    The male vocalist is particularly admired for his confident attitude and distinct performance style.

    Pursuing art has always been a challenging route, and it is not an exception for this young man. But Hoang Ngoc Hai believes that passion is the flame that illuminates the steps he has taken, is taking, and will take in the future.

    Talking about his orientation, Hoang Ngoc Hai stated that he would continue to strive to make people love and support his music products. The male singer hopes all that remains in the minds of the audience is his voice and dedication to the arts.

    Hoang Ngoc Hai also plans on producing music projects that are thoroughly invested in all aspects, from musical materials to how works, images, and messages are conveyed to the public.

    Currently, in addition to performing, Hoang Ngoc Hai spends time learning more about vocal techniques, performance style, choreography, and even ways to bring music closer to his audience.

    Just conversing with the male singer demonstrates how much he cares about music. Perhaps this is the starting point, as well as a strong stepping stone, for the name Hoang Ngoc Hai to shine brighter in the future.

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