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    How do I use aloe vera on the hair, face and the body

    With gwgmag how do I use aloe vera on the hair, face and the body

    Aloe vera can be used for a variety of applications. There are many cosmetics products that use aloe vera, which is an active ingredient.

    A. vera is an herb with long-standing history of medicinal uses. As per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the aloe vera plant has been used for medicinal purposes going to at least 6,000 years ago. Aloe vera has been used by people for a variety of ailments, including:

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    • traumas
    • hair loss
    • Cold sores
    • constipation
    • hemorrhoids

    Continue reading to learn the best ways it is possible to use aloe vera and what the scientific research suggests about its advantages.

    How to use aloe vera

    If users use aloe vera topically on the skin or as a mouthwash experts typically think it’s secure. Many products contain aloe to act as an ingredient however, people are able to use aloe vera directly from the plant.

    You can slice one of the leaves from the aloe vera plant, and then use the gel within. Aloe vera gel that has been prepared can be purchased at many health stores.

    One should start with only a tiny amount of aloe vera before they first start out and gradually increase the amount according to their requirements.


    Aloe vera can be applied directly on the skin. You can also make use of online recipes to make creams or lotions made with aloe vera as the primary ingredient.

    If one is unsure whether their skin reacts negatively to aloe-vera, they can put a small amount to the arm, and then wait for 24 hours to determine whether there is an allergic reaction.

    The gel-like substance is a source of chemical compounds that calm and soothe the skin. This makes it efficient for treating sunburns as well as some signs of other skin disorders.


    The use of aloe vera on the face is similar as applying it to the body’s other parts. But, since the skin of the face is more delicate, using less of aloe-vera is advised.


    Certain users use aloe vera to moisturize the scalp and hair. One can apply aloe vera juice in the raw form and massage it into hair and scalp, or use products for hair that contain aloe Vera to make an ingredient.

    Oral health

    Certain kinds of mouthwashes and toothpastes contain aloe vera as a component. However, one should not consume raw aloe vera by mouth.


    According to National Institute of Health The most secure way to apply raw aloe vera is to apply it topically. Ingesting aloe vera for digestive issues may cause:

    • cramps
    • diarrhea
    • Ineffective absorption of medicines

    Diabetes sufferers should consult with their doctor prior to taking aloe vera in a pill as it could result in a harmful reduction of blood sugar.

    Aloe Vera’s uses

    The potential uses for aloe vera are:

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    Treating canker sores

    In an 2012 study, researchers discovered in 2012 that when patients applied the aloe vera on the sores of a canker it helped speed up the healing process of ulcers and also reduced the pain.

    A second study in 2012 confirmed this conclusion. The study also noted that aloe vera didn’t perform as well as corticosteroids, the most commonly used treatment for sores caused by canker. But, the majority of participants were satisfied with the outcomes of either method.

    Healing wounds

    Aloe vera can aid in the healing of minor burns and wounds. A recent review of research revealed promising results of aloe’s application in the healing of wounds that are on your skin. The review contained studies that showed that aloe vera could help in treating or preventing diseases like:

    • skin ulcers
    • Postoperative injuries
    • genital herpes
    • chronic injuries
    • burn wounds
    • Cracked nipples
    • psoriasis

    Researchers recommend that you use aloe vera only when they use aloe vera alongside prescription or OTC (OTC) remedies to treat these ailments.

    The reduction of plaque in the mouth

    In an study conducted in 2014 the researchers discovered that aloe vera mouthwash was just as effective at eliminating plaque as modern products for mouthwash. Aloe vera was used as an oral wash for 30 days and noticed a significant decrease in plaque as compared to the group that used a placebo.

    Aiding in the healing of anal fissures

    Fissures in the anal are tiny tears or cuts in the lining of your anus. They usually occur as a result of a massive or difficult constipation.

    A preliminary study from 2014 revealed the application of aloe vera on anal fissures was beneficial in promoting healing. Although the study produced positive results, researchers suggested that more studies are needed to confirm the efficacy of this treatment method.

    Treatment of acne

    In a less invasive study from 2013 the researchers discovered that applying a blend of tretinoin and aloe to the skin could help treat the acne. The study found that aloe vera is effective in treating mild inflammation as well as reduce acne lesions over eight weeks.

    Controlling blood sugar

    The review’s authors in an review from 2016 concluded that aloe vera could help to improve the blood sugar control for people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes. However, they also noted that the studies reviewed had numerous limitations and that more studies are required to verify the results.

    Aiding digestive issues

    There is not enough evidence that suggests that aloe vera can aid in conditions like constipation and IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. (IBS).

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    Studies has demonstrated that aloe-vera can be beneficial when treating IBS. The study revealed that aloe-vera was able to reduce symptoms of IBS when compared to placebo, however it is necessary to conduct further research to confirm the findings.

    Others have speculated that aloe-vera might aid in the prevention of stomach ulcers. The study revealed that aloe vera could stop the development of Helicobacter pylori bacteria which cause stomach ulcers.

    However, one should be cautious when taking aloe vera by mouth. It is crucial to limit intake due to the potential negative adverse effects, including:

    • Cytotoxicity (cell toxicity)
    • Mutagenicity (potential of an agent to trigger an alteration in a cell)
    • carcinogenicity

    Scientists must conduct further research in order to comprehend the effect of taking aloe vera by mouth.


    Aloe vera can effectively be used to treat and alleviate a variety of skin ailments and signs such as canker sores and acne.

    Patients should exercise caution when they consume aloe vera in a dietary way to ease IBS or constipation as it could cause side consequences. Possible side effects from consumed aloe vera can include diarrhea as well as interactions with medications.

    One should consult their physician before applying aloe vera to their skin or applying for treating skin problems which may require additional medication.

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