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    Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen has high expectations for the Punta Mita Hills project

    Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen has announced her participation in the investment of the billion-dollar real estate project Punta Mita Hills in Mexico.

    Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen

    When it comes to Annie Kim Nguyen, many people in the international business community have a certain respect for her dynamism, boldness, and professional achievement.

    Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen is not only a gorgeous beauty representative who is enthusiastic about social work and community activities, but she also plays many significant roles in business activities.

    Setting up a career in a foreign country with a passion for beauty, Annie Kim Nguyen successfully built beauty spas and prestigious Nails facilities, which are supported by a large number of customers. Yet, she did not settle there; she went on to expand into many other business areas, become the CFO of Golden World Group and invest in real estate.

    Miss bravery in business

    Growing up in a family with many accomplishments in the real estate sector in Vietnam, Annie Kim Nguyen inherited her boldness in this sector. This is also the reason she is confident to participate in projects, invest fearlessly, and achieve remarkable successes.

    When Golden World Group decided to invest in the Punta Mita Hills Real Estate project, Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen realized its potential and decided to accompany this project.

    Annie Kim Nguyen considers Punta Mita Hills as a potential project.

    “Punta Mita Hills is a project that promises a lot of great things in the future; I spotted its potential and was instantly thrilled to participate,” Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen said.

    She and the founding members thoroughly analyzed the potential and created a plan for this real estate project, which is currently one of the largest in Mexico. Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen stated that she put in a lot of effort to pursue this project.

    Accordingly, she will be in charge of connecting and expanding investment opportunities for potential investors who are interested in contributing to this special project.

    Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen and key members of the Punta Mita Hills project: From left to right: James Le Quynh, Lam Hoang My, Annie, Quarter Dinh

    Punta Mita Hills is the most luxurious resort project in Mexico, located on a hill in Punta Mita with beautiful landscape and surrounded by turquoise sea on all sides.

    More than 82 percent of the residents who live here are Americans and Canadians. Every month, over 700,000 local and foreign tourists come here to visit. The Punta Mita Hills project will provide tourists with unforgettable experiences by combining the beauty of landscape, surroundings, with high-class services.

    Annie Kim Nguyen and CEO Lam Hoang My

    The Mexican government, in particular, has assisted Punta Mita Hills in bringing 1000 workers to collaborate in investment and create jobs.

    Miss Entrepreneur Annie Kim Nguyen, who is dedicated to this project, not only sets a revenue target but also hopes to spread the values that the project aims to create, which are creating income and jobs for many people, bringing more to a high-class experience, and developing a place for the Vietnamese community around the world to work, meet, and support each other.

    Annie Kim Nguyen stated that she and the members investing in this project are now rushing to complete the goals before the plan’s deadline. Annie Kim Nguyen believes that Punta Mita Hills will be a successful and beneficial project.

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