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    The Sweet Potato Diet Review – Does This System Actually Work?

    I’m extremely thrilled about writing the Sweet Potato Diet review, and not just because it’s helped me in my overall health and well-being.

    Yes I wrote “difference”. This is not “amazing changes,” (gosh it’s not true)) or “I lost 100 pounds,” (definitely not) or “I have to recommend it” (well, somewhat).

    It truly did make a impact on my life. Positively.

    In the past 2 years I’ve been spending lots of time with my body, working out the best way to bring it to the most healthy and most adored condition I could possibly bring to.

    I began my journey at 268 lbs, then slid down to 190 pounds at the time, but then it changed quite in between. A lot of that was gotten off through keto (very high in fat) and Juicing (like it is) as well as a lot of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to exercise. Here’s a brief overview of how I started to start my weight loss when I was traveling for work.

    However, I hit the point where I hit a wall. Although I was enjoying keto and felt healthier than I have ever before however, my body wasn’t close to where I had hoped it would be. What should I do?

    In the course of my time in a constant state of “Let’s see what magic appears,” I decided to wait. After deciding to sit and see what happens, I was given a review copy of the book through NetGalley which is how the Sweet Potato Diet review was born.

    Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy? - Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

    The Basics of The Sweet Potato Diet

    The book is concise and clear. provides a diet plan for carb cycling. For those who are not familiar about carbohydrates cycling the process that introduces more carbs on certain days, and less on other days in order to fool your body to lose weight.

    Imagine this way hundreds of years ago humans didn’t know what their next meal would originate from. Our bodies have adapted to this feast-or-famine schedule to maximize our health.

    There’s plenty of research and information about carb cycling, and so is keto. I’d never tried an app for carb cycling, but I’d read plenty of research about the subject. Some fitness trainers and authors had also provided me with their programs previously but they were just too complex that I could not put in my own.

    That’s for me. quite a bit. I read scientific journals regularly to keep myself entertained and for my job. I am a geek. I read voraciously. I use words like voraciously. But, if I am feeling that a procedure is too complicated to be used in a daily basis I’m not in.

    It was a good idea to try the Sweet Potato Diet though was simple , yet it offered plenty of details to convince me that it was worthwhile to try. In addition, the personal experiences of the author who has used this diet, and I’m convinced.

    Do I Have To Eat …?

    I was very anxious about this diet however.. I was not going to eat foods that I had a good idea already created inflammation to my body due to my previous diet experiment.

    In my opinion, this includes all dairy, grains, sugar and the majority of fruits.

    Therefore, to take any other worries to rest, you don’t need to eat any of these foods. In fact, Michael Morrelli recommends staying away from it all. Phew!

    The diet recommends eating sweet potato for at minimum four times every week, as well being a healthy amount of vegetables, fats and protein. It is possible to choose a protein source, but meat is highly preferred over vegan or vegetarian options.

    This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Sweet Potato Diet and be vegan or vegetarian . I’m sure you can – however, it might be difficult.

    When I decided to eat meat or dairy-free, the protein source came through the Vega Sports performance protein. It was sometimes eggs. I may have been able to determine the cause using an nut with high fat should I have wanted to.

    Day To Day Eating

    I was aware that I’d need to write about certain aspects of the diet, without disclosing all the details that could hinder someone from purchasing the book. I did this when I created the Sweet Potato Diet review.

    But, how?

    I struggled with this one a lot before deciding at the end of the day that I’d publish the fundamental design. So, here it is.

    It is built on a 4-week cycle that follows an exact daily allowance of carbs , followed by seven consecutive days in the daily allocation of carbs.

    Each day in the initial three weeks is a different day for macronutrients. To keep track of them (the one of the more “challenging” part of the diet) I designed simple spreadsheets and printed it to know what day was which. Simple and easy.

    It is recommended to eat five meals every daily (no exceptions) and the exact macronutrients every time. Measuring is an easy process that is specific to your food preferences. There are no fancy gadgets to be used.

    Seasonings and drinks with no calories are available on the plan in unlimited quantities and you must drink a certain amount of water each day. In my case, it was three Liters. (As I’d previously started this habit this didn’t alter anything to me).

    Food Prep

    There’s an abundance of food preparation that goes into this diet. The author suggests hiring someone to help with food preparation for $15 per hour. It’s a fantastic idea.

    After I’d finished The Sweet Potato Diet, I began making use of Hello Fresh to fulfill this exact need. Food preparation and delivery right to my door (and an offer of 40% off) What’s that? Yes, I’m in love.

    However, I digress. It’s not possible to use Hello Fresh to help with The Sweet Potato Diet, however, wouldn’t that be awesome? Anyway…

    In my situation I’m not able to find enough room to store a whole week’s worth food items in my refrigerator. I’m a full-time traveler and often do not have space to share with other people.

    Then, I decided that I would prepare my meals every day. This worked for me.

    I’d begin my day with cooking a large portion of a meal that was macro-friendly for the day. Then, I would store the remainder of the food items in the refrigerator for later.

    In the event that making five servings of a single recipe is quite a challenge the last meal I had consisted of mostly cut-up vegetables, portable proteins, or fats. Think beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs or leftovers from a lot baking on the days of higher carbs.

    It took me in the average, 30 minutes each morning to prepare my breakfast for the day.

    What About the Recipes?

    Unfortunately, a number of the recipes included in the copy of the book that I received access to (prior before publication) were not suitable for use. I discovered this only when I was making the recipes, which was a little disconcerting.

    I did inform the publisher company, and hopefully it was resolved.

    In addition, I didn’t come across many recipes that meet my macros to eat on a daily basis. For example, what if I had to consume one portion of meat, one serving of vegetables, with no carbohydrates and two grams of fat? I didn’t come across recipes that meet this requirement.

    What if you’re experiencing the verge of a low-carb day? Fuggetaboutit. There’s nothing. You’re left on your own.

    I’m aware that I realize that the Sweet Potato Diet review is about the book as well as the recipes. Then… what is the reason they have recipes that don’t contain sweet potatoes?

    Here’s my opinion If you’re going to restrict me to eating sweet potatoes to get rid of carbs (I absolutely love it, I do) I’m also going to include me on days that I do not eat sweet potatoes at all… I’d love recipes that can accommodate both.

    As I mentioned there’s no such thing of them in the book. Zero, nada, zilch. There are no recipes that have no carbs, or sugar-free potatoes.

    Fortunately, my experience keto diet was well covered here.

    If there’s a need I’ll gladly create an article containing my keto-friendly recipes that I love the most I’ve tried in the Sweet Potato Diet review process.

    What I Love About This Book

    All The Secret Health Boosts Sweet Potatoes Give You On Thanksgiving

    There’s plenty I enjoyed in this novel.

    First of all, I read it all in one reading. That’s not to say that it’s a simple book. It’s not. It’s because I could start quickly with all the information I needed readily available. Yes! Thank you.

    The next step? The tone. I like to think of myself as an intelligent woman, yet I’ve read countless health and wellness books on similar subjects where I felt patronized, spoken down to, or like I was reading their “prove-it-to-the-world” manifesto that they’re King of the World.

    There’s no need to say.

    I’m also annoyed whenever I’m reading a novel in which the author screams at me with information that they’re trying to convey. Some of the books that I’ve read recently via NetGalley have fallen into this category of reading.

    This isn’t the case to this book , nor the Sweet Potato Diet review. Yay!

    It was that this book was like an old friend who was talking to me regarding their own weight-loss journey by sharing the things that worked and didn’twork, and then providing me specific, useful information to match the results of their experiment.

    I Wish There Was More Of…

    Perhaps not as much however, it could be some more developing.

    For instance If I wanted to make my own recipes I’d be in trouble. There’s no macronutrient profile in the book that states, “this is how many carbs are in this,” or how it was determined during the recipe’s design.

    Now, I’m realizing that the measurement of macros within this application is more unique than other programs, and doesn’t be translated into recipes (if I wanted to get technical).

    It was my intention to accept this, but I’m now using general macros. However, it does make me wonder if I’d get better results if I was more precise in my measurements. The only way to know is time… And I’ll add this in when I’ve got the results.

    What I’m trying say is this: I would like I had a way to know the fat, protein, and carbs in my own recipes, so that I could tell if I was in line with my macros.

    In this case, If you sign-up for the MorrelliFit newsletter, you’ll receive the option of receiving one to the four Sweet Potato Diet recipes. Awesome, right?

    If you’ve bought the book before, not great. The goal of the newsletter is to entice interested people to purchase the book, which I’m sure. However, if you already have done so, sorry.. there’s no list of protein, carbs or fat macros in the various recipes.

    It’s a bit difficult to sort of see it… there’s an incredible homemade sweet potato hummus I’d classify as two carb portion possibly a half fat portion. Maybe. I’m not sure.

    I Wish There Was Less Of…

    The only criticism I have about this book is some things are repeated throughout. I could understand the macro-measurements for the first three times but began to squint after about 6 or 7.

    Biggest Drawbacks

    This is what I was most struggling with It wasn’t something connected to the book. It was with the execution.

    As I’ve mentioned before in the past, I’ve been keto-eating for nearly two years, with only a few minor deviations every few days there and then.

    The Keto diet is one in which you consume more than 70% of the daily diet of healthy fats. It was a great experience for me however, it does point at my ability to stick to an eating pattern which is not tolerant.

    When I was eating keto at times, I was never hungry. To be honest, I neglected to eat a lot of the time and required a reminder to my mobile.

    While writing the Sweet Potato Diet review, I had a lot of trouble with my no and low sugar times. I needed more protein and fat than the amounts I was given every day at least. This was a bit odd since I’ve consumed far fewer calories than the recommended amounts within the Sweet Potato Diet most of the past two years.

    In fact I’m eating nearly double the calories. What would you think I’d feel satisfied? Yet…

    I’m only a few hours into this process, so I’m unable to be sure this is an adjustment or perhaps, it’s simply no longer working. I’ll post updates with further results in the coming months with more concrete information as I go through this procedure.

    One More Thing?

    48 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes for Weight Loss

    Most often, in advance or review editions of diet books there aren’t before/after images or even stories.

    However, typically there’s a place in the book that indicates the location it’ll go after its publication.

    Did you find any of them included The Sweet Potato Diet book?


    I also looked on the internet for similar stories in hopes of finding results.


    Normally, I would not think this was a huge surprise however the book talks about the more than 200,000 people MorrelliFit has helped in the past few months… therefore ….

    Feel at ease to make your own decisions.

    Did I Lose Any Weight With the Sweet Potato Diet?

    Many people will skip this section, which is understandable..

    My first experience was feeling of hunger during low and no carb days. I also experienced severe bloating. It could be due to undercooking the curry of cabbage I prepared.

    After approximately a month, i needed to quit the diet after about a month. I had to stop the. The bloating during the days of high-carbohydrate was intense that I was like I was six months pregnant. It was extremely painful.

    It was also not uncommon to feel shakes like I’ve mentioned before. I’ve been told that this is normal for “re-feeding “… but it was like my entire body was breaking apart, vibrating and being overheated at the same time. It was not fun.

    Total loss of 7.7 pounds over the course of two weeks. I say”about” because I stopped at a moment’s notice, but I was unable to weigh myself until I was required to stop.

    The Bottom Line on This Sweet Potato Diet Review

    I am in love with this book. The style, tone and details were perfect for me and I could complete the gaps I required to.

    Did I desire more information from the book while I did this Sweet Potato Diet review? Yes. Did it lack in detail for someone who is familiar with extremely rigid diets? Yes.

    However the book provided me with the most clear, concise understanding of carb cycling I’ve ever read. It made me quickly get started and was a huge benefit.

    Do I recommend this book? As I mentioned at the beginning, it’s a yes, with some cautions. It is important to be patient with this procedure – the book clearly explains how to do it. Remember to always capture those before and after pictures and measurements!

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