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    The Truth About Body-Contouring Surgery

    As weight loss procedures become more sought-after, weight loss of as much as 100 pounds is becoming more popular. But according to experts, that the result of Body-Contouring Surgery can be painful and rewarding as layers of skin cells replace the skin layers that were lost.

    This subspecialty has been relatively new to the world of medical the field of body shaping plastic surgery invented to address the issues with appearance for patients that have shed significant weight either on their own or through aid with weight loss (bariatric) techniques.

    “Very often, it’s that final step in achieving the body that many people envisioned they would have when they signed on for weight loss surgery,” says Stephen Colon, MD, director of plastic surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center located in New Jersey.

    According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons In 2005, over 68,000 patients chose to undergo body contouring surgery after losing weight and a 22% increase over 2004.

    The Types of Body-Contouring Surgery

    Weight Loss and Body Contouring Surgery in Body Contouring. - Iorio Plastic  Surgery

    It is true that the Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift are procedures that have been in use for years however what makes the body-contouring procedure from others is the amount of skin that is removed, as well as the nature of these procedures that they typically occur in multiple locations within the human body.

    “The most popular [procedure] in our center is the lower body lift, which includes the tummy, outer thighs, and the area around the midsection,” Rubin states. Rubin.

    Other alternatives include an upper-body lift that focuses on the breasts and back and back, and lifting the arms, within the thighs, as well with the neck and the face.

    Since certain procedures are lengthy and tedious One of the latest techniques is to use multiple surgeons to work on a single patient, Colon declares. This will reduce the duration of anesthesia and can in turn increase the speed of recovery, he says.

    In spite of having an expert surgeon Rubin suggests a multi-procedure , which involves the abdomen , as and the lower lower bodylift and breast lift and arms — a common combination that can take anywhere from eight to eight hours.

    How Safe Is It?

    Body-Contouring Surgery

    The most frequently reported issues are wound infections, opening wounds that require drainage surgically, and excessive bleeding that requires a repeat treatment, Rubin says. Blood transfusions are needed about fifteen percent of time. In rare instances, patients have suffered fatal blood clots.

    However, some of these problems remain (notably the need for transfusions) However, experts believe they have observed it in lesser frequency in recent times. In a research study presented on 23rd March 2003 during the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference in San Diego, researchers found that many of these problems could be prevented if patients received longer periods between procedures to reduce weight as well as cosmetic surgery.

    The study found that patients who underwent patients who underwent bariatric surgeries (weight reduction surgery to abdominal or bowels) patients who waited about one year before having body contouring surgery had a lower risk of the amount of complications and also had a shorter stay in the hospital. Researchers also discovered that waiting allowed for the mortality rate to decrease drastically, falling from 14% for those who had surgery to correct body shape after losing weight, to 0 percent in those who waited.

    Today, Colon says, most patients are advised to rest until at the very least one year following bariatric surgery.

    Even when patients are sitting in a chair, there are risks of complications such as an abrupt loss of skin tightened which may necessitate another surgical procedure, Rubin says.

    “We cannot know who will be affected and we don’t understand the reason why this happens but it does. Certain people may require additional operations,” Rubin says. Rubin.

    Body-Contouring Surgery: Is It Right for You?

    It’s not required for all people who shed a lot of weight. Body contouring surgery is required for those who have a lot of it. Furthermore experts say that not everyone requires it to cover their entire body.

    “A lot depends on your age, your genetics, level of sun exposure, how evenly the weight was distributed, and, more importantly, how you feel when you look in the mirror,” Colon declares. Colon. “If you’re not unhappy about the way you look, you shouldn’t be made to feel you need body- contouring surgery.”

    The most likely patients to be interested in or needing the procedure, according to Colon the most likely are those under 40. “The majority of patients I treat for this surgery are older than 40. It’s pretty difficult to prevent the loss of skin once you reach that old age” Colon says. Colon.

    Another factor that could be different is the place that you lose the weight. If you lose 50 pounds on your midsection could lead you to loose skin around this region but the loss of 100 pounds distributed more evenly across your body could result in less pressure on your skin.

    If you’re struggling with an aging, droopy, or sagging skin, and you believe there’s a solution to it, expert advice is to ignore it.

    “Short in terms of surgical procedures, there’s nothing you can do to assist. The exercise won’t help tighten it or tighten it, and skin creams and lotions will not aid in any way,” says Nolan Karp, MD, assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery of the New York University Medical Center.

    But body contouring doesn’t come cheap. The cost for the complete body lift is $3000. The cost of arm surgery is at around $8,000 for the inner thighs and $10,000 for an entire pair. A lower back or breast lift surgery could cost you around $15,000, while a neck or face lifts will raise the price by an additional $15,000. cost. (As you’ve likely already figured out the fact that insurance coverage will not be able to cover the entire cost process.)

    In addition, there is the need that you spend up to 6 weeks rehabilitation at home. For many the spandex option may appear to be the only alternative.

    To simplify the process to doctors turn to finance companies to help patients with negotiating a certain type of “plastic surgery mortgage” -which is a payment plan which permits you to shrink in size and size without having to pay the full amount to undergo the procedure.

    Doctors also state they assist patients in understanding the price and frequently look at it in comparison to the cost of buying a new vehicle.

    “Many people are willing to pay $30,000 to buy an all-new automobile. Therefore, I ask them: after all that effort getting rid of the weight, isn’t it worth the same amount to look how you’d like to appear?” says Karp.

    7 Things to Consider Prior to having Body-Contouring Surgery

    Body Contouring Surgery: What You Need to Know - HealthXchange

    If you’re considering body contouring surgery, here’s the advice of experts who we talked to advised us to consider first:

    1. Keep your weight within your desired range for at least 3 months. You must correct any nutritional deficits (which are normal following weight loss surgery).
    2. Develop a solid support network which includes your family and friends who can help you through recovering.
    3. It is essential to be sure to have sufficient time off to recuperate. It can take around 4-6 weeks, dependent on the process.
    4. Remember that everything is a compromise , whether it’s the removal of skin, getting an outline or leaving the impression of a wound. Scars last forever. They fade over time however they won’t in the course of time.
    5. Your body’s needs must be arranged according to the part that is most difficult and the procedure should be focused on the specific area first. It’s possible that you will not require additional procedures.
    6. Before you undergo surgery, you should stop smoking (to lower the risk of developing risks) and increase the amount of protein you consume by 50 to 70 grams per day to speed healing.
    7. Choose a surgeon accredited by the board of plastic and reconstructive surgery – not just a board certified physician.

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