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    These are the hottest nail trends for summer

    There’s a lot of energy and excitement around the summer of 2021. Even if you’re cautiously optimistic, you can feel that it’s going to be a completely different summer than last year and hope. It will be much more fun and carefree. We all deserve a little bit of relief, right?

    And since we’re probably going out this summer, it’s time to start strategizing your “return” look. What will you wear to reunite with friends and family you haven’t seen in over a year? Want to experiment with your clothes and makeup?

    One thing I’m very excited about? Treat yourself with some manicure and pedicure techniques. Before the pandemic, I didn’t get my nails done very often, but after more than a year without any salon services, I was looking for some pampering. I also want to be a little more dramatic with my nails this summer. They’re usually bare, but I’m eager to try new things.

    So to gather inspiration, I reached out to several nail artists and stylists to get their predictions for summer 2021 nail trends. I wanted to know the art, colors and shapes. What nails are worth trying when the new season arrives. Here’s what they had to say.

    Neon colors

    Photo: @Nails_of_la

    It’s time to be bold. “Neon color is something my clients are loving right now,” says Boyce. “Think bright lime greens, citrus, hot pinks and neon yellows. If you’re doing it as a solid layer of polish on your nails, choose a shorter rounded tip or a natural tip for color. the nail art doesn’t overwhelm the nail art, I like bright splashes of color on minimal bare nails, angled french with light shine, or even a simple vertical stripe down — the middle of the nail looks very nice.”

    Emilio Pucci – Inspiring nail art

    Photo: @Nails_of_la

    “The Pucci-inspired nail art trend started gaining traction this spring, but it’s going to be in full swing this summer,” says Boyce. “Pucci’s bright shades and abstract designs just allow for really bold, creative nail art. This looks great on both short and long nails. You can even do the design. only on tips.”

    Floating lines

    Photo: @Ginaedwards

    Edwards says free-form or floating three-dimensional lines on nails will also be popular this summer. The cool thing about this is that you can get creative and experiment with colors like neon or even metallic.

    French manicures

    Photo: @Nails_of_la

    All the nail artists we spoke to said French manicures are great for summer. Gina Edwards, celebrity nail stylist and brand ambassador for Kiss, says: “French manicure has risen to the top dramatically. “The traditional multicolored, textured and white tips are hailed as classics for their effortless twist on the negative space nail trend. Kiss Classy Nails fit this category perfectly, as they are French nail art with modern and trendy design.”

    While you can opt for the traditional white top, you can also opt for something more modern with bright shades, which Brittney Boyce, celebrity nail artist and founder of Nails of LA, projects guess will be popular. “This summer, the French bread is oval or almond shaped and looks really natural,” she said. “The contoured version in different shades is really popular. In the summer, use bright colors like those from Orly’s Electric Escape — think neon orange, deep royal purple and blue. bright leaves. I did a version of this color on Shay Mitchell which she shares on her IG stories recently and people love it.”

    Ombre with bright colors

    Photo: @Nailsbymimi

    “Ombré nail art is a fun way to show off multiple colors at once,” says celebrity manicurist and editor Mimi D. “With airbrushed nail art making a comeback, ombré is one One of the nail designs that can be easily done with the airbrush technique. The airbrush is a 90s ode, and it looks like quite a few ’90s fads are making a comeback too. “

    Happy colors

    Photo: @OliveandJune

    And finally, we predict everyone will head for the happy colors this season. Fun and optimism is the name of the game. Think orange, yellow, pink and magenta.

    “Skittle” manicures

    Photo: @OliveandJune

    “The Skittle mani is super trendy this summer because the look can be easily achieved at home,” says Mimi D. “Choose three to five of our favorite summer colors, paint a different color on each finger and say: You’ve got your nails on trend for the summer.”

    Glass nails and abstract art

    Photo: @Nails_of_la

    Boyce calls the glass manicure with bright abstract art “the Sara Tan look,” referring to Gloss Angeles co-host and current Refinery29 aesthetic director. Boyce says it will be very popular this summer. “Sara and I came up with the idea for this look to highlight the transparent glass tops using thin brushstrokes of abstract shapes two years ago and it continues to round out every summer. The inner tips look really sharp in the summer and people tag me to show me them”, she says.

    Negative space

    Photo: @Ginaedwards

    The negative space trend won’t go away, and why should it? It has very little maintenance. Edwards says half-and-half nails with negative space are trending.

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