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    What Are The Most Dangerous Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

    In your 30s and 20s, you might not think that you should be concerned about your cholesterol levels right now. However, that’s not the case. In reality cholesterol should be an integral element of your next health check According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 30 million adults across the US have cholesterol levels that are considered to be high.

    High cholesterol can lead to serious health problems. Megan Wong, RD, a nutritionist with AlgaeCalsays, high cholesterol “can lead to plaque buildup in arteries, reducing blood flow and increasing the risk for heart attacks and strokes.”

    If you’ve been told that you’re suffering from high cholesterol, it’s never enough time to act. And the first step is to have a clear understanding of the results. The total cholesterol level comprises of HDL as well as LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides. 

    Healthy cholesterol, getting to the heart of the matter - Jan de Vries  Healthcare

    HDL is considered to be a beneficial cholesterol. Ava Williams, MD is a certified board member Internal Medicine physician says, “HDL brings back cholesterol from the bloodstream to your liver for disposal.” Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a high level of HDL. 

    However, if you find that your LDL levels are excessive there’s a lot to complete. “High amounts of LDL in the blood could create cholesterol-producing cells that join themselves to arteries and may form plaques. The plaque can result in the blood flow to be restricted, which can cause strokes and heart attacks,” Williams says.

    The positive news? high cholesterol doesn’t automatically mean that you’re destined to take the long-term use of cholesterol medication. There are many options to reduce your cholesterol through the choices in your food you make. 

    The most effective diet for lowering the cholesterol level is one which consists of many fresh, whole foods that are high in antioxidants, and free of saturated fat.

    Another thing you may be asking yourself is what are the most dangerous foods to eat if you have high cholesterol? We’ve prepared the top 10 most harmful foods you can consume when you’re trying to maintain your cholesterol levels in control.

    What are the best foods to avoid for high cholesterol?

    Coconut oil

    Although there are benefits to coconut oil however, it’s rich in saturated fat and can result in an rise of unhealthful LDL cholesterol levels.

    Fried Chicken

    Fried foods should be avoided If you’re worried about cholesterol. Fried meat can be a double-whammy with regards to cholesterol because both the meat as well as the oil it’s cooked in could have negative impacts on your cholesterol levels. The skin being left on is more damaging.


    For many years, shortening has been used in pastry and baked products for a long time. However, it’s a source of trans-fats that are harmful to your health. Beware of shortening your diet by eating delicious baked goods in moderation and baking at home, which lets you to use healthier ingredients.

    Pastries and doughnuts

    With the two ingredients, shorterening as well as sugars, these tasty snacks are a sure way to increase cholesterol levels in your body. Try to make them your treats an exception and not the norm in your food choices.

    Want your kids to choose a nutritious snack? Have them watch a cooking show  featuring healthy foods | PhillyVoice

    Snack cakes processed as well as Cookies

    Produced to last prolonged periods in the shelves of stores They contain harmful ingredients such as trans fats saturated fats, and a lot of sugar.


    The frosting tubs that you buy from the grocery store are definitely great, but they’re made by using palm oil, which is an hydrocarbon which can raise LDL and lower HDL cholesterol, which is precisely the opposite of what you’re looking for. Instead, you can make your own frosting to get a healthier alternative. You can also skip it and choose a healthier alternative like whipping cream.

    Potato chips

    Foods that are fried like potato chips have plenty of saturated fats therefore, opt for vegetable chips or baked for a tasty snack that’s more healthy to your health.

    Meat red

    Every single one of meat products are laced with cholesterol and beef is top of the list.


    Sausage isn’t usually ideal for cholesterol. However, turkey sausage is a good option that is lower in saturated fat.


    The secret to making perfect bacon, according to a golf-club chef

    Everyone likes a good piece of salty, grease-rich bacon. However, the saturated fats is so harmful for your cholesterol, it’s best to limit it to only as an occasional treat. If you don’t, go for turkey bacon to make a healthier choice.

    Organ meats

    Beef liver is on the top of most lists as the item with the highest cholesterol levels. However, many studies have also emphasized the many advantages from organ meats in addition.

    Heavy cream

    Any dairy product with a full fat content is loaded with saturated fat. Recent studies have revealed many benefits which has led heavy cream to be accepted as a part in the keto diet. If you’re suffering from high cholesterol However, these products should only be used in moderation.

    Whole-fat dairy

    While it’s not equal to heavy cream but whole milk is still a source of saturated fat. Adults should consider lower-fat options, particularly in the event of a concern about your cholesterol levels.


    Like many other items in the list below, cheese can be healthy and nutritious. However, if you’ve been told that your cholesterol is elevated you should think about cutting down and using high-quality cheese as occasionally as a treat.


    Apart from the fact that they use subpar ingredients, fast food products are made of poor-quality meat that has lots of fat. A lot of menu items are cooked also which makes fast food an bad choice for maintaining your cholesterol level.


    Butter is a rich source of saturated fats, making it a plant-based alternative an ideal choice. Many of them taste just like butter and you won’t be lacking anything!


    This oily, cheesy, meaty dish is evidently an cholesterol-related nightmare.


    Pizza is among the foods that cause the highest levels of cholesterol, due to the same reasons mentioned previously. If you’re a pizza lover, consider switching from a supreme pizza to a lighter option, like margherita pizza. You can also make it at home and avoid the extra cheese and oil that comes with pizza delivered.

    Palm oil

    Dầu cọ RBD

    Palm oil is associated with trans fats and is found in almost every packaged food item that you buy. Also, you should limit the consumption of processed or packaged food to reduce the amount of trans and saturated fats you find in palm oil.


    Lamb is an shocking level of cholesterol and is higher than many cuts of beef.


    A nutritious food that is an excellent option to include protein into food, egg also contain large levels of cholesterol, among the most high of all foods. “Take note that not all foods high in cholesterol, such as eggs, are bad for our health,” states Williams. If you’d like to enjoy the benefit from the health benefits of eggs without affecting your cholesterol take them in moderation – maybe just one or two eggs per week.


    It’s possible to think that seafood could be a great alternative to chicken or beef however, squid has the highest levels of cholesterol. This makes the appetizer of fried calamari the perfect double-whammy to your levels of cholesterol.

    Chicken liver

    Organ meats are known to be loaded with cholesterol. livers from chickens ranking near the top.


    Red meat is often given an unpopular reputation, but research has shown how white meat is a source of exactly the same as, if not more cholesterol.

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