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    What Should You Do To Care For Eyelash Extensions Between Treatments

    If you’ve ever had eyelash extensions before you’ll know that they can be a huge confidence booster. Every woman must experience this for at the very least one time in her lifetime. The great thing about this is that you can skip mascara completely while your eyes shine. 

    Additionally, you’ll wake up every morning looking gorgeous already! Like every beauty treatment maintenance and maintenance are essential to are getting the most from the eyelash extensions. We’ve collected some guidelines so that you can take advantage of your lashes to their fullest.

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    Eyelash extensions aftercare within the first 24 hours

    • Avoid picking them. If they appear odd, simply brush them.
    • Carefully treat them and take care of them.
    • Don’t watch your favourite tears-inducing movie as it’s not a cry during the healing period! In 24 hours you’ll be free to be as emotional as you like.
    • Do not rest on them, or sleep on your back the first night to make sure that the glue hasn’t been damaged.
    • Avoid chlorinated pools and other heat treatments like saunas, steam rooms, and sunbeds for a minimum of 24 hours. This is when the lashes require proper bonding.
    • Avoid eye makeup that is oil-based and makeup remover. This is to ensure that the oil doesn’t cause damage to the glue that holds the lashes in place on the lid

    Removes the eye makeup

    It is possible to ask yourself whether you’re wearing makeup that’s suitable for the purpose of extending your eyelashes. It is best to avoid wearing any eye makeupand apply mascara only on the tips, otherwise it could form clumps. 

    Eye makeup that is waterproof isn’t optimal as it’s difficult to remove and may draw out your lashes too early. It’s normal that the makeup will sometimes accumulate on the bottom of your extensions. 

    To get rid of this, use a cotton bud that has been dipped into micellar or makeup removal solution, and rub all over the eyes. Be sure to use different buds to treat each of your eyes to ensure there is no chance of transmitting an infection that is causing the problem across one eye the other.

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    The micellar fluid should be free of oil as it can cause extensions to loosen, which can cause them to fall out. Avoid using substances like PEG or hexylene glycol propylene glycol, or butylene and they may destroy the bonding glue. 

    Makeup wipes are also effective because you don’t have lumps of cotton from a large pad of cotton stuck to your lashes. We highly recommend Garnier’s Micellar Water, and wipes. Simple is a sure-fire winner as well.

    Shampoo your lashes

    Make sure your eyelashes receive the care they require by gently washing them off with shampoo at least once every week. It’s also a way to help break down the oils that can cause your lashes’ separation from the lid due to interference by causing the glue to break. 

    Shampooing your eyes is something that the parents cautioned you about when you were a kid – however, here’s how you can get it done without tears: Put just a small amount of it on your palm of your hands, make a foam by adding water to it and then use your index fingers and thumb to rub the lashes with gentle pressure from the bottom to tips.

    The most effective shampoo according to experts is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It’s dead cheap yet effective. If you’re looking for something more mature, we suggest Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser. It’s lightweight and airy, ideal to maintain the integrity of your lashes. Furthermore, it’s Lash & Lid cleanser is vegan and is free of harmful chemicals.

    Put your money into the spoolie of a or a wand

    A spoolie brush looks similar to a mascara brush and this small device can make a huge improvements to your mascara. The extensions are prone to the habit of crossing as time passes, which is why the spoolie wand could help in separating your lashes. 

    Relax your eyes, then apply the spoolie wand on the lashes to ensure that they remain well-defined and straight. The lashes that look great will also keep you from playing around with them, which can lead to the lashes falling out.

    Beware of nasty infections

    If you are able to keep up with the beauty regimen of maintaining your lashes in a clean state and tidy, you’ll be less susceptible to catching eye infections that can be quite severe. This can lead to styes that result from the accumulation of bacteria at bottom of your eyelid. 

    Blepharitis is a result of infected eyelids that can trigger irritation redness, itchy eyes and irritation. It’s not a good thing! They only happen if the eyelashes aren’t properly cared for and are not properly applied from the professional. 

    Be assured that our Salonettes are experienced and will make sure that the glue is not absorbed into your eyes. The process is really comfortable, and most people sleep off during the procedure.

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    The end of the game

    In general, eyelash extensions have a duration of about 50 days. This is the similar to your natural eyelashes. It’s common to see several lashes shed with time Don’t be shocked by this. 

    If you’re planning to get replacements as they fade then it could be beneficial to do infills within three weeks. Once they have reached the final stage of their journey, you’ll need to have them removed professionally.

    Eyelash extensions can be tricky to maintain , but are worth the effort. They look stunning and will last quite a long time. If you’ve never received a treatment Why not book an in-home extensions for your eyelashes session with our team? We also provide infills as well as removals. The lash extensions we offer can give you the most elegant or subtle look Simply let our Salonettes what you’d like and we’ll help you achieve the look you want!

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